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Protect your valuable appliances from power surges

A power surge is an unexpected, temporary increase in the voltage of an electrical circuit.

Power surges commonly cause damage to electrical devices within homes and businesses. Enriched Electrical can install surge protectors in your home or business switchboard to give you peace of mind during fluctuations in power.

Your home has many expensive appliances, all susceptible to power surges. Televisions, air conditioners, ovens, cooktops and many other devices can be costly to repair or replace should an unexpected power surge damage them.

Power surges can occur due to damaged power lines, transformer failure, Lighting Strikes or sudden changes in power due to local area usage.

Should you install a Surge Protection Device?

Protecting your appliances from power surge damage could save you time, money and inconvenience. A surge protector protects your equipment by allowing only a safe voltage to connected devices.


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