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don’t leave it too late to replace your ageing switchboard

Your switchboard contains all safety devices that keep you and your family safe from electrical faults. If your switchboard is outdated, it may not have the correct devices to protect you.

Electrocution Protection – Commonly Referred to as an RCD is what protects your family from electrocution in the event of an electrical fault. Most homes built before 2019 will not have this protection on all circuits.
RCDs are an essential part of any home electrical system, and we recommended to have them installed as soon as possible.

Short-circuits – older switchboards have a greater risk of short-circuiting, meaning that the risk of fire or electric shocks is significantly increased. If your current switchboard still uses removable fuses, it is a safety hazard and needs replacing.

Safety Switches – this allows you to turn off or restore power when necessary, a feature not available on older switchboards. An electrical safety switch is a vital feature of new switchboards.


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